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Preparations for the Russian tour


Welcome to our new band blog at the awesome webzine Rocknytt which also is our first blog in English! We are now preparing for the our Russian Tour next week with a lot of stuff to do including visas, merch and cd:s etc. We are all excited though because this will be our first headlining tour!

Visum papper

We were to get the visas last week, we thought we had everything worked tou but Mio used some old papers so she need to go there again this week and fix the final stuff. They promised she would get her visas at the same time as us. It’s funny because Mio is really the one that always have everything fixed and prepared before everybody else. We really hope that means five days later from when we first got there and not from when she turned in the last paper! But it will work, they were pretty fast the last time we were there and they also have the possible to pay extra to get a visa fast!

Ralph Santolla

Then why all this stress? What have we been doing during the summer? After the Sweden Rock gig we had planned to start record our secound EP but because of a lot of new song ideas (and festivals of course 😉 ) we decided to postpone the recording and to it after the tour instead. Now we also have started working with Ralph Santolla as a producer when he was in Stockholm and will continue this work with him when he is back in Sweden in October. He will have a guitar clinic at the same music fair as our showcase gig in October (Musician’s Planet) so be sure to not miss that!

Musician's Planet


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