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P3 Guld tonight!

Yesterday we drove the whole day from Stockholm to Gothenburg for general rehearsal for P3 Guld. We promised them not to show any photos of the rehearsal before the show tonight to keep everything about the stage secret until everything starts! The morning started kind of slowly with breakfast at the hotell. We were tired from yesterday so it was nice to sleep late. Now we all will take showers and later off to the venue for the final rehearsal, booked interviews and TV-make-up, final check of gear and everything. The P3 Guld staff is amazing – they have it down for sure! The schedule is fullbooked from lunch and forth!

Tonight the show will be sent on swedish national radio and TV. It will be live on radio channel P3 and one hour later on TV at the TV channel STV1 at 9  PM. The show will also be displayed online at

Outside the P3 building! Photo taken by Robert Rangdag.

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