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Prologue 2011 – The year we fell on the finish line

Last year we applied to Wacken Metal Battle, fueled with  courage after our  first tour of Russia. We were excited by the attention we got from our video “Wrath of Judgement”, and all the gigs we played in a short period of time.  Everything seemed to be going very fast. At that point Frantic Amber as it is today had been a band for one year.   Even with all the recent attention we were not sure if we would make it to the finals, just because Sweden has a lot of good bands!

When the news came  to us that we were in the finals for 2011, we were very happy but didn’t know what to expect.  All we knew was that we needed to get a lot of our fans there,and finish a new fast song to go crazy on stage with! So that was our plan. We rehearsed, made posters, Facebook ads and invited all of our friends to the Facebook event and kept nagging them. And guess what – when the day came for the show, everything we planned worked out great!

Foto: Jan Johansson ([email protected])

The show went killer, everything fell into place perfectly. We had the biggest crowd, the new song went great and we had a lot of energy on stage! Even though there were many good bands, everybody kept saying we would win!

Foto: Jan Johansson ([email protected])

But you should never counton winning in advance! After us, the last band started to play. They actually did the total opposite of what we did.  They were a lot more experienced then us, and they were heavy! We thought we had it all, but we stumbled at the finish line.  We found out that we lost by one vote.  Even though most of the audience were with us , and the jury explained to us we were so close, we still were one vote from going to Wacken.  We kept asking everybody, the jury nonetheless, what we needed to improve.  All of them told us the same thing, stay on the same path, we shouldn’t change a thing! We even went to the official Wacken Metal Battle feedback meeting to be sure, but the answer from the other bands that were there and the Wacken Metal Battle staff said the same thing.

Our conclusion was this: No matter if we are going to Wacken or not. If no one can say one thing we need to improve, then we need to improve everything.  This is the story how our journey to Wacken really began – Look for new Road to Wacken blogs every Sunday!

Foto: Jan Johansson ([email protected])



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