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Applying to Wacken Metal Battle 2012

When it was time to apply for Wacken Metal Battle 2012 we were all set. Since last year we have rehearsed very hard, worked with a producer to make our songs and  arrangements better, and played as many shows as possible. In total we managed to play 30 shows in 2011. At each show we tried to get better and better. We also experimented with image/headgear:

Erik in his beat detecting helmet. Always in charge of the rhythm!

Even though we didn’t get Wacken, we got a  gig at Sweden Rock Festival through the music organization NEMIS – New Music in Sweden –  who, among other things, books upcoming bands to big shows. The first tour in Russia went really well. We had a good chemistry with the promoters and the booker, so they booked us for another tour of Russia  in September.

Frantic Amber live at Sweden Rock Festival 2011.

Then it was time to apply for WMB again, and just like last time we needed to send two songs, a biography, and a band photo. Last year it was easy because we just sent them our (then)  newly released EP “Wrath of Judgement” and let them listen to the two first songs. Simplicity itself ! This time we had just released a single  -“Bleeding Sanity” -together with a new video. But we still needed a second song .

 Video recording of “Bleeding Sanity” 2012.

Luckily, Mio had a really good demo of a song called Ghost.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t mastered so it wasn’t at the same volume level as Bleeding Sanity. We had been thinking of applying to the contest for a long time, but we always thought we would have the new EP , so then we would just send a copy of that and then forgot about it. But we changed the decision to make a full length album instead of an EP, so that option wasn’t available anymore.

Frantic Amber rehearsal.

Then on a Saturday we suddenly realized  that the application was supposed to be turned in on the following Monday. That meant that we had only two days to fix everything! We already had a cover for the CD because we had ordered it as the EP-cover, which later became a cover for the single “Bleeding Sanity”. Because it was recently done we kindly asked the artist, Vladimir Chebakov, if  he could do a Wacken Metal version of the back cover. We felt that everything had to be top notch this time.

Elizabeth gives it!

Even though it was a weekend, Vladimir took the challenge and made a great cover for us! We even got it the same day. More difficult was arranging the mastering of the second song ,”Ghost”, but we were lucky there as well. One of Mio’s colleagues, Saimon Lindberg, decided to help us, but he was out of town  at the moment  for  a Swedish holiday. He wouldn’t be home until late evening Sunday, so Mary and Mio sat and waited for him. Somehow Mio had managed to send him the wave file  thru an iphone internet connection, because she came down from the country that weekend too.

Marys baby laptop got to be the computer where everything happend.
While we waited we put together the mandatory press kit. We  took one the lastest photos of the band  and put it together the logo and the band info (biography and contact info) so it fit in one A4 paper.

Printing the cover…

We also printed the cover on Marys printer which can print on CDs. When Mio came down to Stockholm again, she needed to get the special white printable CDs at a  store called Biltema, because for now they are the only stores in Sweden selling them. Then we could finally start seeing the result. Somewhere around midnight we started to get mails from  Saimon with draft masters of “Ghost”. We listened and asked for some more bass and then sent him the Bleeding Sanity song to have as comparision.  We should have done that from the beginning , but hindsight is 20/20. Finally the application was done, but it  was late – one hour after midnight –  and of course too late for us to send the application by mail. We saved that problem for tomorrow and went to sleep.

Monday : Today was the deadline for the application. The CD and the  press kit were ready. For the package to be delivered on time one of us had to drive to the north of Stockholm .  Mio got the assignment. It was around an hour drive and Mio was driving her  late 90’sVolvo . Everything went fine at first, but suddenly she started to have problems with the car.

Mio: “On my way to the place of the receiver of the package I felt that my clutch on the car started to acted weird. I found the place without problem, but when I stopped the car I noticed that the clutch stopped working totally. I delivered the package on time though but now I had to drive to the nearest garage to repair the car. And what a drive! Driving, stopping and starting on the 2.nd gear. All the cars behind me honking to drive faster.”

Outside Janne “Lunkan” Lundqvist apartment.
We were so lucky that the car broke when Mio arrived and not before. It was almost as if it was meant for her to be able to leave the application in time, like the car waited to break down until the application was in safe hands. From the balcony of the Wacken Metal Battle representative Janne “Lunkan” Lundqvist, a big Wacken Metal Battle backdrop hung, made by one of the Wacken Metal Battle sponsors this year – Luckily he was home.  So despite the obstacles we finally managed to leave the application. Now we would just have to wait and keep our fingers crossed !

Promopackage delivered!

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  • The drama! The suspense! The nerve-shattering action!
    The productplacement! (Iphone, Acer, Volvo, Tama, Canon

    You guys Rock! Can’t wait for the next episode 😉


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