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One of the finalists

Finally we turned in our application for Wacken Metal Battle ,and started counting the days until they would announce the  bands that made it to the finals. When the day of the announcement came we were hoping they would call , and when that didn’t happen  we thought that we weren’t chosen. But the next day , the head of Wacken Metal Battle Sweden, Janne “Lunkan” Lundqvist gave Mary a call.

Mary: “When I saw his name on the phone I couldn’t believe it! I had saved it since the year before so I started to get my hopes up again even if it was a day late. When he told me we were in, I freaked out and immediately texted everybody else in the band. We were all  very surprised and happy! We saw this as our second chance and  we were very excited.”

We rehearsed a LOT! We would have 20 minutes of stage time, so we gave a lot of thought to picking the best set list.  We tried a lot of songs and decided to go for a very dynamic set: A mix between fast and groovy songs as well as heavy and melodic songs. We added a new song ,“Entwined” and made a new intro to start the set.

The set list we picked was :

Bleeding Sanity
The Awakening

Entwined is very dependent on backings tracks, but we weren’t because we had new gear for our backing tracks,, and we had no problems with it.

Entwined is very dependent on backings tracks but we weren’t that worried with our new backing tracks gear which we never had problems with so far so we didn’t think more about that. Alongside all the rehearsals and working on the songs we also needed to promote the gig, so that we would have as many of our fans and friends there as possible. This year the audience could vote in the Swedish Wacken Metal Battle and the band that got the most audience votes would get an extra point, like one jury vote.

We created a Facebook event and invited all of our friends. We tried different Facebook ads ,and suddenly the ads seemed to be all over Facebook , so that was great! We made posters and flyers, but because of all the rehearsals we couldn’t seem to get time off to put them up. That was when another idea came up.

Richard and Rasmus Brandt come to almost all our shows, even the ones far away, and they are such nice guys. They had asked us for some rare band stuff they knew we had for a long time, so we said to them that they could come by the rehearsal place and hang out. We asked them if they wanted to start a street team and help us with promotion and for that they would get some special Frantic Amber treats such as gifts, free entrance to concerts and such. We simply asked them to help us spread the word of Frantic Amber with the first task: putting up posters for the Wacken Metal Battle gig! They said yes immediately and took their task seriously. They put up posters in three different cities (Stockholm, Gävle and Söderhamn), a job very well done! We send them huge thanks!


Here are the  Brandt brothers with Ulf “Mr Death” in the middle!

So now we had made every preparation we possibly do, and it was time to lay our cards on the table ( or the stage!). And that’s just what we did! To continue…

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