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Debut gig in Denmark & Marys birthday

A little more then a week ago we did our first gig in Denmark at Lygten Station, Copenhagen! The whole thing was kind of stressful because we had a hard time getting down there and most of us needed to fly to be able to take the gig. When that wasn’t a problem, we couldn’t wait to get get down there and play!

A 1,5 hour flight later…

Finally in the land of Carlsberg! 😀

We got to the airport almost two hours before take off just to be sure everything went alright. After checking in and the security it was clear that we had a lot of time to kill so we went and took a beer at the bar closest to the gate. We were talking and laughing and it felt like everybody were looking at us when we looked at the time. Mary said: “OMG, it’s 10 mins to take off!” And we abruptly started to run to the gate. Last on the plane we were safe anyway. And the Norweigan staff at Norweigan didn’t seem to mind luckily!

Beautiful Copenhagen!

At the hotel…

Hotel decor!

Just a couple of days before we did a gig with Evergrey at Nemis Metal Fest at Långholmen, and because everyone used our drumkit at that festival, we were kind of tired moving stuff. But anyway, because we flew we thought that gear wouldn’t be a problem. How wrong we were! When we got there we realizes that two of the bags were not there. Not the cymbals, and neither Marys pedal bag.

At the venue

Riot Concerts is the promotors

When we meet with the promotor though they said that was no problem, and they solved it right away at the venue. Two drummers asked Eriks if he wanted to use their cymbals, and the other stuff was solved as well. Danish people are great!


Our beer box! Denmark is great!

We saw some great bands that night, mostly old school or technical death metal though. So we were the most melodic band there for a change! When it was time for us we brought it on fully armored and the show went great! Good sound and good feeling throughout the full set. After an hour when we were done they still wanted more so something must have been alright. We had a great time and would like to thanks everyone that made it to our debut gig in Denmark!

Erik in his new stage outfit \m/ \m/

Not only did we have our first gig in Denmark, it was Marys birthday as well. After the gig we celibrated with a home made cake made by Elizabeth. It said: “Goodluck Mary Frantic Amber” in danish. That is awesome!!

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2 Responses to Debut gig in Denmark & Marys birthday

  • Jag vill gifta mig med alla tjejerna i bandet <3 älskar er allihopa och det ni gör!

  • Det var en af de vildeste og fedeste aftener jeg har haft på Lygten….STOR respekt til alle tjejerna + Erik i Frantic Amber!! You rock!! \m/ \m/

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