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Wacken Open Air 2012

At last the day we waited for was here! Studiefrämjandet had helped to print posters and flyers and now it was time to use them. Mary, Sandra and Erik got up and put up all the posters and later the whole band went and handed out the flyers. Funny how almost 600 flyers can seem like a small amount, in a festival crowd of 75.000 people that is no problem. The posters probably worked better!


Many posters made a cool impression!

The rest of the day was spent checking out instead, bars and shopping opportunities and later to prepare for the gig.

The back stage bar, one of them anyway 🙂

Mio found a great t-shirt for her son Kai <3

Erik trying out some new clothes with his personal style judges

The bar in the Bullhead Circus tent where we played later

When the evening came, everything went really fast. Wacken picked us up with vans and moved the gear, the band and the crew to Headbangers stage. We had our own little tent as back stage area and hurried to change to stage clothes and to get warmed up.

Sandra, Elizabeth and Mary back stage at Bullhead Circus

The stage was much bigger then we pictured it and the audience was bigger then we ever could imagined! Lucky for us we had our crew with us that did the line check and everything so we didn’t need to worry aobut that before the show. The stress was big enough anyway!

The new backdrop was awesome!

Elizabeth and Eriks drumstick




A live clip from the show

The show was unforgettable for us even though we didn’t win.  After the show we had three days s to relax, have fun and to see other bands. Too bad it started to rain so some days it was more mud then festival – haha!

Some mud 😀

We went and checked out some of the band merch, to make it clear -we wish for some more girlies!

Some of the highlights of the festival:

Dimmu Borgir with Orchestra

Testament with the new album

Dark Funeral with new lineup

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One Response to Wacken Open Air 2012

  • Wow, kick-ass Wacken footage, kick-ass stage presence! I wish I was there to see you guys live, but seeing that video, I can imagine a little what it was like. Hope to play with Frantic Amber someday, the band is rocking, and it has come a long way, I’ve been watching you closely since january 2011. 🙂

    Congratulations once again.

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