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Six Feet Under Tour 2013 – Day 1


The tour began with a bus ride from Stockholm to Oulo throughout northern Sweden and Finland. We would start driving at 9 PM, but due to a the battery problem with the bus so we awaited  a truck service to replace the battery. Because of that we couldn’t start driving until 11 PM.

The sleeping quality of the first night of the tour was – perhaps not unexpectedly – of mixed quality since the bus is actually rocking like a cradle due to the high speed and tall bus. Some of us could sleep well but some others were slightly car sick and had difficult to sleep. We arrived in Oulo 18 hours later and it was short time for soundcheck.


Six Feet Under took the ferry instead and had not arrived yet. Since Deathember is the opening act they got to do sound check. Food was already in place and consisted of good sandwiches and hot goulash stew.




Now we started to feel the consequences of the bumpy 18-hour journey. It was like getting of a boat, still feeling the waves when walking on normal ground. The body probably adjusted pretty well to the bus. XD




After some food it got a lot better and soon it was time for the first band to get on stage even though there were not many people in the audience We started get ready back stage and preparing ourselves for not to play for a particularly large crowd.




Once on stage it was more people than we expected! As there was very little time left we had to make the shortest soundcheck we’ve ever done! Then the backing tracks screwed with us on top of it so we just played five songs.




The audience was not less happy for that since they didn’t expect a very long gig anyway and we left the stage when they wanted more which is always a good ending. It turned out later that many in the audience had been waiting to see us and were very happy that we came just to Oulo! It was a great evening and the other bands including Six Feet Under also seemed satisfied.

Here is a video from our gig made by our friend Vesa:

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