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New Drummer – Mac

Where are you from?
I was born in Medellin, Colombia, raised in Falun, Sweden and has lived in Stockholm for about 15 years.

What have you done before Frantic Amber?
I’ve played in lots and lots of band over the years. Insision, Remasculate, Pandemonic and Flagellation to name a few.
How did you get in Frantic Amber
I was asked to join Frantic Amber after the departure of their previous drummer. Me and Mary had known each other for a long time and Insision already shared rehearsal with the band, so it wasn´t a tough decision.
How does it feel to now be a part of Frantic Amber?
Great! It feels like a natural fit and there´s a great connection within the band so I have high hopes for the future!
Some curiosities about you?
I love learning, no matter if it´s about science, history, wildlife or cooking.

What role do you have in the band?
I´m the pacekeeper so far. Time will tell what role I will have in the future.

Who´s your favourite drummer?
I admire many of the greats, like Buddy Rich, Terry Bozzio, Tony Williams, John Bonham etc etc, but I regard Ed Warby, Sean Reinert and Gene Hoglan as my biggest influences in metal drumming.

How do you think you will influence the band?
I hope my experience aswell as ability to play guitar and bass will be a benefit. Musically perhaps I´m a dark and complex influence. I´m curious on what will come out of the songwriting process in the future.

What is you musical influences?
I enjoy craftmanship in musicians no matter what genre, so I´m influenced by alot! To me music is a language, and I strive for a great vocabulary.
One song that makes you happy and one that makes you angry/energetic
Good music always makes me happy! Horrible songs being played over and over on the radio gets me angry.
One movie that makes you happy and one that makes you angry/energetic
I’m a real moviebuff, so It´s difficult to just pick one, Forrest Gump is a happy one.
Personal motto?
It’s better to burn out than to fade away!
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  • Hi My Metal Amazon’s \m/
    I just wanna say wellcome to Mac & Madeleine and see u all at the releas \m/

    //Mr Death

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