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Metallsvenskan 2015

For this gig we all traveled from different places: Denmark, Stockholm and another festival where met up in Örebro. On the day of our gig the lovely Swedish weather showed up, in other words: pouring rain.. We took some extra time to warm up backstage because it was cold and the fingers had time to freeze again in time for the gig to start. So the first song we played the fingers felt like sticks of ice that slowly melted and got warm again after a while. Huge thumbs up to the awesome crowd that endured the rain (many wearing their rain ponchos) in order to see us play, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you! The setlist was: Burning Insight, Soar, Awakening and Ghost. And when we had played the last song, the crowd cheered for an extra and we got the green light to play another one because we had some time left, and ended the gig with Self Destruction. After the show we did a interview with Örebro Tribune and Hå

The rest of the day we sat in the beer tent and avoided the rain and in the evening we watched some bands.

IMG_7375 IMG_7381

IMG_7389IMG_7405 IMG_7406IMG_7410


Elizabeth and Maria backstage warming up.

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Photos: © Sinners Art


Elizabeth on stage after the gig doing the rain dance.

IMG_7414 IMG_7392

IMG_7418 IMG_7416IMG_7421IMG_7448





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