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Sweden Rock Festival 2015

Alright, better late than never, right? 😉 Here’s some pics and stuff about our gig and weekend at Sweden Rock Festival. And again a huge thank you to everyone that voted for us so that we got the opportunity to play! It was an awesome weekend!

Day 1


Loading the bus at the rehearsal. We left Stockholm early the day before the show.

We took a lunch break in Västervik where Mac found a huge camping chair.

IMG_7697 IMG_7700


7 hours later we arrived at Ronneby Brunn Hotell & Spa, where we were staying for the weekend. Mio got to meet one of her idols (Mothers Finest) in the lobby.




After we dropped off everything at the hotel we headed to the festival to pick up our backstage passes and put up some posters and flyers.


And then we met up with Elizabeth that had come from Denmark.


We checked out the stage we’re playing at the next day.

IMG_7787 IMG_7830

Madde and Mary ate some langos, soo delicious!


Great to be hanging out all together ^_^

Day 2 – Gig day!

We started the day by eating the awesome hotel breakfast. The hotel was so big so it took around 10 minutes just to walk to the dining room. After we packed our stuff and filled the bus once again we headed towards the festival area! We were there at 10 am so the whole festival was still asleep and the gates closed. We started to load in all the gear onto the stage and began with the soundcheck and prepare for the show. During our prep time the rain started pouring down and we went “uh-oh”. It was still early though and when the festival area opened and people started to gather in front of the stage the rain stopped! Happy about the weather we kicked off the show at 11:30, opening with the title track of our new album “Burning Insight”. The gig went great, we had a blast on stage, the crowd was awesome and we couldn’t be happier with the whole weekend.

IMG_7862 IMG_7864

IMG_7881 IMG_7882

IMG_7883 IMG_7886

IMG_7887 IMG_7896

IMG_7897 IMG_7902

IMG_7929 IMG_7930

IMG_7935 IMG_7942


IMG_7950 IMG_7957

Elizabeth signing some photos


After the show


After the show we went to the VIP-restaurang and had a 3 course meal. Everything was soo delicious!

IMG_7970_1 IMG_7972_1 IMG_7977_1 IMG_7978_1


IMG_8022 IMG_8024

IMG_8026_1 IMG_8027_1

Mary and Elizabeth outside our tent lounge. Of course Elizabeth had brought her drinking horn \m/


IMG_8039 IMG_8063 IMG_8093


Elizabeth found a Copenhagen trailer!





Maria had her birthday coming up in 2 days so we celebrated her a little earlier and sang happy birthday.

IMG_8134 IMG_8124

IMG_8231 IMG_8295

And at last it was time for Judas Priest, awesome!

IMG_8332 IMG_8296

IMG_8300 IMG_8301

IMG_8304 IMG_8307



On our way back to Stockholm we went to see the memorial stone of Cliff Burton.


Lunch break on our way home.

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