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Frantic Amber

What we have been up to in 2014

So, it has been quiet here for some time now, but that’s all about to change! Since we haven’t posted anything for so long we’ll just do a resume of what we have been up to in 2014.

2014-06-04 New lineup – Photoshoot

We did a photoshoot with the new lineup in June, shot by Amanda Lindelöf.

2014-06-28 First gig with new lineup

Then we had our first gig with the new lineup at Hellbar in Sundyberg!
Pics by Kamil M. Janowski Photography (19) Pics by Kamil M. Janowski Photography (32) Pics by Kamil M. Janowski Photography (45)FA2
Photo: Kamil M. Janowski Photography

2014-08-02 Shooting music video “Burning Insight”

Time to shoot the music video!
FAfilmcrewTunnelphotoSusanneBaldefors FAtunnelFire
Photo: Susanne Baldefors

2014-08-08 Gig @ LetkuRock 2014

Then we took the ferry to Finland to play at LetkuRock!
_DSC1400 IMG_2499_1
Photo: Janne Rivinoja

2014-09-17 Release party @ Black Carpet, Göta Källare  with Gormathon, Hysterica & Deadly Seams!

Release party @ Black Carpet, Göta Källare3 (14) 3 (16) 3 (39)

2014-09-24 Italian mini tour

We headed of to Italy for two shows in northern Italy. First up was Colony, Brescia on the 26th and the 27th we played at Grind House, Padova. We also had some spare time and got to do a sightseeing tour in Venice!
IMG_3874Grind House Luxury (27)IMG_3701

2014-09-29 Release of the single “Burning Insight” world wide with 666songs.

Burning Insight Single

2014-09-30 “Burning Insight” was played at Metal Breaker on Bandit Metal

Bandit Metal Breaker

2014-10-17 Netherlands & Belgium mini tour

Netherlands Bar American Belgium MCP Apache

2014-11-08 Gig @ Rockbitch Boat

Rockbitch Boat 2014

If you want so see more pictures from these events, we will be uploading it in the gallery on our website very soon. Stay tuned!

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