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Music video recording

Music video recording

As we said earlier we had also been choosen as one of the 6 artists/bands that would make a music video in the new Music Video Lab workshop 2012  for upcoming movie and video makers. It’s a great chance for us to  hype the Wacken gig with a new song and video in adjacent to the gig.

Music Video Lab 2012 at Magazinet in Falun.

Max Thedeby (photographer) and Kristna Edler (editor).

So we came to Falun and met our crew. After one of the workshop meeting they took us to the place we were gonna stay and to our huge surprise there we were; surrounded by the beautiful forest and a huge lake, it really was incredible and we were so happy when we got the keys to our fine cabin.

Going up, not running to, the hills…

Early swedish summer, beautiful and cold!

Elizabeth and Mary picked the beds at the top floor and Mio, Sandra and Erik shared two rooms below. We had a little kitchen, a big bathroom and a big porch. Erik found the steep stair very funny too! We sure didn’t mind at all staying there for week for the workshop. A good a place to reload before the Metaltowns gigs the weekend after!

Next we drove to the location of the video set and checked it out. – It was even better than we could ever have imagined: Creepy as hell and just perfect! We ran around for a while inside the haunted and sad looking houses there keeping close ‘cause there was only two small lights in our company. By the way “our” house where we were going to film wasn’t just a house; it was a mansion!

All the time we were like… “Check THAT out!!”

But the mansion took the prize!

The inside of the house was very creepy at first becuase it was cold, dark and rotten inside. Weird stuff was lying everywhere and most of the furniture that was left was broken.

Everybody got a lot of new ideas and we all felt this was going to be a special video. And we sat down once again talking through everything and brainstormed after the recent view. But after all we decided to stick to the intended plan.

Making the final plans in the middle of the night. The film crew also got some advice from the music video maker Mikadelica.

Breakfast time at Music Video Lab!

The day after came quick and we were off to an early start setting up everything. There was no electricity in the manor, so we had generators for that. Sadly one of them broke, so we had to juggle between the electrical equipment but we made it work anyways.

Max in the final packing of one of the two over stuffed cars.

The new clothes finally came to use!

After many hours of problems with gear, mostly the generator, and shopping of food and some final stuff for the video. Smoking machine, photo frame, food and drinks, the band and crew could finally start worring about ourselfs and the interior.

When the crew   got the set together it looked freakin’ amazing! An idea they had was to have a LOT of candles and that would later prove to be a pretty unsafe place to headbang on. Kristina that was in charge of on the spot decor lighted all the candles and we started recording. Many hours later we were tired and our necks and bodies were killing us, but anything for a great video right?

Backlight is the shit!

We had a lot of fun and Max filmed some really killer material. From time to time Kristina needed to run and light the candles that we put out with our hair. We were lucky our hair didn’t catch fire! Marys skirt wasn’t so lucky though… It caught on fire when we were resting for a couple mins. Kristina was fast though and put it out before Mary even had got her guitar of her shoulders!

The SET.

Mio and Elizabeth to drive back the day after, but only the first part of the video was done. We also had a sidestory which was planned to record the second day. In the sidestory we have a guest performance from the singer from Gormathon and his amazing dog Tyson.

Our actor Tony with his rottweiler Tyson.

Film crew taking lunch break second day.

When we planned the story we thought about having a dog in the video but we thought that would be hard to find. We didn’t know Tony had a dog, we just thought that he was perfect for the role and found out just a couple of days before the shooting he had a rottweiler!

It became clear that Tony had a natural talent for acting, and in fact his dog too! They were great and everything went smooth that day. Besides from Tonys achievements each of us had a little part in the side story too which was great fun to do.


A big thank  to all participated! To the film crew Max and Kristina, Music Video Lab of course and not the least Tony from Gormathon and his dog!

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