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Summary of the Frantic 2011

Now after New Years eve and all, we will make a blog post to summarize this last year! The year 2011 started with the release of our first EP Wrath of Judgement. A video for the titel track as a teaser was made the year before. That video went very well and did a fine foundation for us when we released the EP. Because of the departion of our former drummer Emlee we got the experience this year to play with many live drummer almost the whole year.

The band that used to be five, was now four…

Several bookers had showed their interest already in the end of 2010 and we had started to understand that 2011 was to be a really good year for us gig wise. But we never expected what would happen. Already in the beginning of the new year, in March 2011, our first abroad tour was booked Metal Valkyries Tour together with Hysterica. It was a weeks tour in Russia of all countries – what a dream come true!

An unforgettable tour

Nervous as we were 9 women (Hysterica And Frantic Amber) and two men (Hystericas manager Bosse and Frantic Ambers livedrummer Jocke Wallgren) left Stockholm for Moscow. We had no idea what was waiting for us but our russian bookers took good care of us and the audience of Russia was amazing! One of the gigs was Zheleznye Devy fest which is Russias biggest female-voice festival. There we had our biggest audience so far – 750 people!

Our metal sisters!

A booker of one of the gigs had his own label Blackend Life Production. He printeed a special russian edition of our EP and as soon as we got we got home he started to plan for our russian come back tour!

The special russian edition of our EP Wrath of Judgement!

From Russia directly to Stockholm and the Wacken Metal Battle. Together with an handfull of other bands we grabbed a spot at the swedish Wacken Metal Battle-final! We had the biggest audience and was one of the evenings most appriated bands, but we came only second if we may say that. One more vote and then we had gone to Germany! It was a sad story for us but it was more fun for the band Mother of God that won and got the spot. And they were worth it!

We gave everything – Wacken Metal Battle 2011

One thing led to another and even if we didn’t get the festival show at Wacken Open Air we got a gig at Sweden Rock Festival through a contest made by the music organization Studiefrämjandet.

The Nemis bands that performed on Sweden Rock Festival 2011

Sweden Rock Festival became a large success not the least for the big audience! Even though Accept played at the same time as as on the scene next to us we had a large number of people. And that became no less after Accept choose to end their show 1o mins early abd their audience walked away from their stage, saw us on their way out of there and then instead stopped to see us! An experienced audience counter at Sweden Rock estimated the number of people to around 8500 people, but when Accept stopped playing it might as well been the double!

The audience on Sweden Rock was estimated to 8500 people, but after Accept it could be almost double that!

New songs started coming up and laid the foundation of our next EP. In the summer of 2011 we meet Ralph Santolla (Death, Obituary, Deicide, Iced Earth) and he then started the work with producing our songs.  Because of that we needed to post pone the recording of it approximately six months later. Due to his travels from Florida to Stockholm and the other way around (beause of his new band in sweden Redscream) we needed to take the work with the EP step by step and do it when he had time for us.

Ralph Santolla became our producer

The work with the EP though didn’t keep us from the roads! As I mentioned above our booker and label manager Valery wanted to take us back to Russia which he did already i September the same year!

Our second tour in Russia – our first headliner tour <3

So our second tour in Russia was the same year as the first one. We had problems with getting really how short the time was between the tours into our heads. It felt like at least a year because of all the gigs and festivals, contests and EP-production! Our live drummer Erik Röjås reminded us all the the time that is was really in the spring we were there the first time. At that point Erik was our main live drummer because he made all our gigs since our gig at Sweden Rock Festival.

We miss Russia already!

The second tour was 10 days with 7 gigs – it was super fun and unforgetable! We havn’t taken all the time needed to blog about it because of the EP production. So far we only have blog posts on two first days but we promise you we will blog about it retroactive in 2012 for you!

A photo on the newspaper Metro taken by Mary’s iphone

When we got home the list of gigs continued with a gig at the music fair Musician’s Planet and the rock boat Rock Bitch Boat. Thank to our good selling of tickets – we sold most tickets of the unsigned bands – we got to choose stage time first. And therefore we played as one of the first bands o the big stage!

After the boat we got home and started practice like crazy to get all song parts perfect for the first part of the EP recording in December! Ralph flew to Stockholm one week before Christmas and then we gave all we got. Because of job and Christmas we could only do the first half of the song but one of them will be released in January as a teaser with a music video in the end of January!

At that time – as a matter of fact six months and 15 gigs later – Erik Röjås as drummer had grown into the band. Suddenly we couldn’t imagine playing without him and when he felt the same way there was no reason to not make him a full member of the band. So Erik became Frantic Ambers first male member – our new drummer!

Erik Röjås live with us in Russia

Last and not least we have the big news… As one of 2011’s most acclaimed swedish artists Frantic Amber was given a perfomance spot at Sweden’s biggest music award show P3 Guld. It came as a big surprise for us and it really was the best christmas present ever! So now on Januari 21th, 2012, we will perform one song – as the ony performing rock/metal act – in front of 2500 people at Lisabergshallen in Gothenburg, live for the swedish people in the national radio station P3 and also the day after on nordic TV channels in the countries Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland! Amazing!

The first weeks we needed to pinch each others arms to wake up if we were dreaming!

Summerized: 2011 was a real year of gig for us, with 27 gigs in total, it is the record for for all of us so far. But But we also raised the quality in the band, both as an live act and musicially. We can’t wait to show you the new Ep!

Sandras birthday

When we usually have our birthdays they always seem to coincide with rehearsals or gigs. Not at least at our recent gig at Sweden Rock the same day as my birthday! So it’s natural to us to celebrate birthdays together. Now when Sandra’s birthday was on a day without a booked rehearsal or gig we thought we would gather anyway and celebrate with some dinner!

Mio and Elizabeth took on the challenge to cook the food while the rest of us worked. They did no less than an Japanese (read Mios idea) three-course meal! With sushi buffé as an appetizer and Yakitori (chicken skewer) as main course, we were quite full. We found a white wine called Hellfire Bay – awesome name and really good! Elizabeth’s chocolate cake with cream was then the perfect ending. Happy Birthday Sandra!


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