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Russian Tour

Russian Tour no2 – Day 2

After we woke up we were served breakfast by Dima who stood and prepared breakfast when were still asleep. Sleepy and a little half hung over, we ate delicious omelet with sausage. Sandra, Eric and Mio slept in one room. Mary and Elizabeth in another. Valery had then finally got himself a little few months old kitten – how cute it was!

Luckily we had not packed up so much from yesterday because we left quickly after breakfast for some shopping in Tula and and then off to Voronezh and the tour’s first gig. Todays venue is called Tarantula and the place would prove to bear up his name, design-wise.

Tula was just as we remember a quiet, pleasant town on the outside, however, so we knew what to expect when we would play, Tula is namely one of the most headbanging and crazy audience we have met so far! When we were there last in March, we had almost a little trouble holding the stage for ourselfs!

The van that was meant for the tour – a larger van that would contain three bands,  – was broken and therefore we got a new yellow van of the same model as leopard bus. This meant that we got the skarn down on the number of bands in the bus to two, so there we were  only us and Valerys band Cavandish in the van.

When it was time for the trip, we had all stocked up with chips, fruit and assorted good mixdrinkar canned as supplies for the approximately five-hour-long route. Mio had prepared herself  with an Asian purchased blow-up cushion so she could get a nap when she most wanted!

For lunch we stopped at a tavern on the road. The food was pork with potatoes – delicious! The fact is that Russian food is very good overall. Unlike a lot of restaurant food in Sweden which sometimes is dripping with grease, Russian food was often both healthy and fresh and very good. Full and satisfied we continued our drive to Voronezh.

After arriving in Voronezh both sound check and dinner shortly followed. Then it was time for the support bands to play including our friends in Cavandish. After another band – Neurotic Effect – it was time for us to go on stage! Here are pictures and videos from the gig:

After the gig we had a spontaneous interview a guy from the audience:

Russian Tour no2 – Day 1

Better late then never we hope! Here is the first part of our second Russian tour in September. We went to Arlanda with a couple of friends that gave us a ride. We arrived three hours before departure. After some trouble with weight and special bagage we finally got on the plane that in two hours would take us to Moscow.

 Ready for our second russian invasion!

  Mostly Areoflots information was in russian, that really helped us get in the mood! 🙂

The flight company was Aeroflot. SAS didn’t have enough seats left on their flight to Moscow that day, so there was really no options left. When I booked the tickets I didn’t no anything about Aeroflot but both the band and friends of mine informed me well about their reputation. Our trip with Aeroflot went very well though. Good food, on time and nice staff.


Sleeping club!


The booker Valery and his friends meet us at the airport. Valery has his own label Blackend Life Productions that we cooperate with in Russia. He has been awesome and both printed a Russian version of our EP and made promotion for us in Russia. Now he is arranging his first tour with us, even if he was the booker and promoter for the Tula gig on our first Russian tour this spring.

Finally at the border!

Everything is so nice looking at Moscow airport, even the toilets!

A yellow bus with leopard fabric on the inside picked us up and our journey continued to Tula where we would sleep this night. Valery assured us that it would be a new larger bus tomorrow morning because Good luck with trying to change money to russian rubel in nothing but russian letters.

Elizabeth and me stood there for 30 mins for sure and was scared to push the wrong buttons. Finally a girl helped us!

The journey to Tula from Moscow they said woul take about 3 hours. But as usual it always takes much longer, as a matter of fact, this trip took almost 6 hours. But with the nice company that was no problem! We also stopped a couple of times for shopping some supplies. Among them was ours (and not least Sandras) favourite vodka/energy drink mix Reddevil. But also potato chips in all different tastes!

The yellow danger, lepard bus – this bus got a lot of nicknames.

It had already gotten to be dark before we arrived to Tula, but there waited both friends and dinner. Dima was a new face for us but a really nice guy that showed himself to be the tours chef because he made almost of all our meals. Always delicious! When he stood and cooked food our friends and tour manager from the last tour arrived, Sergey. Sergey was with us in the van the whole tour last time. It was so nice to see him and Valery again.


At Valerys you could see a poster from our first tour in Russia with Hysterica.


The delicious russian food!

The welcome dinner at Valery.!


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