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Tonight – Frantic Ambers gig at Sweden Rock on P3 Live


Photo: Mikael Lindberg

Toniht aronund 8:30 PM our gig at Sweden Rock Festival this year will be played on Swedish national radio at Musikguiden (P3 Live). This is of course an honour for oss! Here  is P3 Lives text about Frantic Amber roughly translated into english:

“Frantic Amber is a young, hungry and hardbeating metal band based in Stockholm.

The members though have an international background with Elizabeth Andrews on vocals  from Denmark, Sandra Stensen on bass from Norway, Mio Jäger on guitar from Japan and Maria “Mary Raven” Säfstrand on guitar from Sweden.

The band has made success in Russia and has just finished their second Russian tour this year.

We recorded them at Sweden Rock Festival in june. And even though Accept played at the same time on a larger scene nearby, it was clear that the audience flowed towards the stage where Frantic Amber did their show.”


After 10:00 tonight, the whole show will be available on their website!

Preparations for Russia

We made sure to be prepared for the Russian and rehearsed a lot. But we didn’t forget to have fun! We got a lot to do now after the tour, but the tour blog will hopefully start coming up here soon!

From which movie is this? 😉

Nice hat Erik! m/ 😀

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